December 2011 – Decorations

Edenderry Village Christmas 2011 display

With no lights there was no count down,
No ‘B’ grade celebs with closed roads and traffic jams,
Santa didn’t even appear, but I’m sure he’ll wonder at them on the 24th.


Two of the trees in the village were decorated for Christmas 2011; the kids ‘climbing tree’ beside the play-ground and another in the square. The plan was for a ‘proper’ Christmas tree with lights and all the trimmings. unfortunately we feel foul to our lack of experience, this being our first Christmas as an association. We found out that our application for a low voltage power socket from a street lamp needed to be with the DOE sometime in the summer and the close of applications for a tree was also long gone. So we made use of the trees we have and bought some decorations and a few free hands went up a ladder.


The theme for 2011 was ‘A few more than last year’. Remember in 2010 we had no decorations.


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