Streetwise Community Circus

Streetwise Community Circus has contacted us to see if we can raise a crew of 10 – 15 children, teens and/or families to take part in the Lisburn Carnival on saturday 20th May, from 11 am. Participants get to dress up in brilliant costumes (pirates, monsters etc) and join the parade. If we can do this, the Circus will hold a workshop for kids in Edenderry on our summer Fun Day. All that’s needed is to sign up with carnival organiser/Streetwise person Jim Webster on 07710 458 323 as soon as possible. This is open to any child in P5 or above.

Please also let Steve House No 102 know ASAP if you’re interested, as time is very short. This is a good way for kids to get an entry to Streetwise – they have the contract with Lisburn Council to organise the Carnival for the next three years, so Jim wants to make this an ongoing connection with Edenderry.

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First contact

We’ve just received a wonderful comment from Gill,  in the Edenderry Village Page  however I think it is worth being highlighted here in the main pages. Does anyone here in the Village remember the Waterworth family?

My mother and her siblings were born and grew up in Edenderry. When she was 75 we flew back to the village, from Hertfordshire, that was 4 years ago. I took many photos and sent them to California where her sister and family now live. My mothers family were called Waterworth they all worked in the mill. The family lived in the village and near by for at least 200 years. It is a beautiful village.


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Local Green Wood Workshop

Stephen Ryan has supported our Village by donating his time at the fun days to show us the craft of green wood working. Now not only can we help him by telling you about his Green Woodwork Ireland green woodwork workshops, he is also looking for a home in the village if anyone has moving, selling, letting etc he would appreciate you contacting him.

Minnowburn Green Wood Workshop poster

Minnowburn Green Wood Workshop poster

He has plenty of photos of previous workshops on his facebook page. And remember if anyone is potentially moving mainly on the river side of big street or the front row, he would definitely be interested.

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Giants Ring Stakeholders Group Representation

A Giants Ring Stakeholders Group has been formed and includes us the Edenderry Residents’ Association, The National Trust, Belfast City Council, Lagan Valley Regional Park and the NIEA. If you have issues or suggestions for the improvement of the Giants Ring or its immediate area please comment below let the committee know. The first meeting is in early January.

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A visitor discovers Edenderry


Edenderry Village must be one of the best kept secrets in the whole of the Greater Belfast area!  And I think it needs to stay that way, in order to retain its unique rural charm.  It’s a mere four miles from the city, and yet on entering it, you feel as if you are stepping back into the 19th century; and into a completely different world.

I am indebted to the National Trust for most of the information that follows.

The name comes from the Gaelic EADAN DOIRE—front of the oak grove, and the village owes its existence to Belfast’s linen industry, this association going back over 200 years. A bleach-green was actually established as early as 1780.  Apart from a short deviation into flour milling, powered by the nearby river, it returned to linen production in 1866, when it was bought by John Shaw Brown.  He converted the mill to a weaving factory, which soon blossomed into a successful linen empire.  The village grew up around this factory, with about 90 terraced houses being built for the workers.  These still form the basis of the small community.

Brown was obviously a man of vision, innovation and humanity.  He had a power plant installed in the factory, which produced coal gas for the houses.  He also ensured that the workers had access to a number of baths in the factory and—most bizarrely—in the village shop!  Now there’s a thought for our local Spar!!

More of his visionary ideas were evident in his provision of allotments for the workers, enabling them to grow their own vegetables cheaply and therefore eat more healthily. (Amazingly, the current residents have developed their own wonderful 21st century allotments, in what used to be a boggy patch of land. In a future article, I hope to follow this up with more information.)

Even the social life of the work-force was catered for, as Brown organised a ‘club’ in the village, where he held weekly dances for his work-force.  I have nothing but the utmost admiration for such a captain of Victorian industry, who went the extra mile to ensure a better life for his workers.  And I can’t help feeling his spirit is still alive and well in the village today, as on a recent visit I noted a sign indicating their plans for a community celebration of Hallowe’en. Long may that spirit survive and prosper in the enchanting village of Edenderry!

Helen Long

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Helen’s poem



 by Helen Long


Calm retreat,

Far from busy

Bustling streets…


…Your allotments,

Vibrant, green—


And runner beans.


Children’s playground—

Happy, bright—


The tots’ delight.



Oaken ridge—

Lagan flows

Beneath your bridge…


…Linen shaped you,

Long ago—

Built your homes

In serried rows…



Still on parade,

Where the damask

Once was made…


Weaving on

The loud machines,

Textiles for

Luxury’s dreams…


…Finest patterns,

Woven well,

All across

The world to sell…



Our city’s fame

Made us proud

Of Belfast’s name…


…Clatter of

The linen mill

Vanished now,

And all is still…



As a Close,

But Ruby Terrace

Keeps her pose…


…Long may charm

And quaintness last—

And make us thankful

For our past!!


Helen Long,  resident of Carryduff, visitor to Edenderry

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Halloween 2015 more info

Thank you for your contributions to the fireworks. The collection has exactly covered the night’s insurance, firework Licence and the fireworks.

Thanks for all the little notes of encouragement for what we are doing.

On Halloween night there will be:

7:15 – 8:00 BBQ at end of the Big Street
7:30 Pumpkin Parade from the Old Mill building
8:00 Fireworks
Bonfire and food
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