New allotments – near Lisburn

‘The Little Green Allotments is not just a growing space but somewhere to have bags of fun both inside and outside of the allotment. So that is why I created not just a growing space but a social space, a reflective place, a weekend space, a learning space, a lifelong space and much much more….’ Little Green Brochure


  1. Did anybody go to the launch? I saw your post to late Joe. I like the “free horse manure”… is it a government spin-off then?

    • Hi Bloozman,
      First of all let me say a huge thankyou for the association mentioning me on the site!! In answer to your question NO it isnt a government spin off its all my own hard work, idea, efforts love and attention. Please do come round for a tour or a nosy if you want, have some tea and chat Id love to hear what you think.
      Best Regards
      Grainne Phillips
      Owner, The Little Green Allotments)

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