Local Green Wood Workshop

Stephen Ryan has supported our Village by donating his time at the fun days to show us the craft of green wood working. Now not only can we help him by telling you about his Green Woodwork Ireland green woodwork workshops, he is also looking for a home in the village if anyone has moving, selling, letting etc he would appreciate you contacting him.

Minnowburn Green Wood Workshop poster
Minnowburn Green Wood Workshop poster

He has plenty of photos of previous workshops on his facebook page. And remember if anyone is potentially moving mainly on the river side of big street or the front row, he would definitely be interested.


  1. Hi, Please could you put a wee e-mail out and reminder in the newsletter, so that it goes through every door, about footpaths in the village, and keeping them clear of wheelie bins and overgrown hedges?

    This is the right time of year to trim hedges back, to allow children safe passage, never mind disabled people or people with buggies.

    The same goes for bins. There is no point in trying to teach children about road safety if they can’t use the footpath as it is covered in bins. It would seem that some people permanently leave their bins at the bottom of gospel hall street (both sodes), and children have to go on to the road to get past. After all the hard work in beautifying the flowerbeds, they are covered in stinking bins, making it unpleasant to sit on the benches.

    It takes 5 minutes but could save a child’s life, never mind show cinsideration for others. Thanks


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