Grant Update

In 2016 our village was awarded an EU grant. Based on the Arup report and the completed village survey, two main areas of interest to our community became apparent: a community meeting place and environmental improvements.

After an 18 month consultation process which investigated proposed sites for a community hall/building, all sites proved to be unsuitable.

Therefore, the committee is putting all of its efforts into environmental improvements in the village. We are currently working with the National Trust, Belfast City Council and the Woodland Trust.

One comment

  1. Dear Committee, Can I please request an EGM to discuss this decision in fuller detail as I, and a number of other residents, have deep concerns over the willingness of the committee to properly investigate all options available in regards siting of the potential community space and also believe that the committee itself is biased against the community hall. As an example It is clear from the sample size of the survey that a number of houses were not included in the survey, ie. the total houses survey which is noted in the results on the notice board is less than the number of houses in the village. With these additional houses included it is possible that there would have been more of a vote for the siting of the hall on the green. The village was also not fully involved in the process of discussing if anywhere on the green would be acceptable to the majority of the village, and as such the committee should have been undertaking to consult more fully on this matter as the clear will of the village leading on from the survey was to have a community hall (though an update on the river path would also be appreciated as this has not been further mentioned to date).

    Can you please arrange an EGM at the soonest opportunity and preferably on a sunday afternoon when the majority of the village would be available.

    The EGM must be undertaken before the committee unilaterally approve spending any of the village grant money on something which the village has a whole has not approved.

    Yours sincerely,

    Colin Dunlop (on behalf of a number of the Edenderry residents)

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