Public Meeting at Green – Re: Local Development Plan 16/10/2018 6pm


Dear All;

Belfast City Council are providing an information event in Edenderry Village to let everyone know how the proposed Belfast Council Local Development Plan will affect Edenderry Village and it’s surrounding area for the next 17 years (it is to run until 2035). You can find the link to the document here: If you download it as a pdf you can search for edenderry and it will come up about 10 times. There are also some general policies which will apply to the village, but p139 on community provisions are likely to be the most relevant to Edenderry Other items of note are that the development area is limited to the former mill site, and the 40 houses proposed between now and 2035 will have to fit inside this area. The information event will be at 6pm on Tuesday 16th October in the Marquee on the Village Green in Edenderry. Please note that this meeting is not concerned with the village RDP grant. The village committee are still awaiting concrete proposals from the council appointed landscape architects and will arrange a meeting as soon as these are issued.

All the best, Colin Dunlop (Secretary Edenderry Residents association)