Edenderry Village Improvement Scheme


Following consultations with the village, the working group, Belfast City Council and Belfast Parks Department, proposals for improvements to Edenderry Village have been prepared by MWA Partnership. These proposals will be available to view in the marquee after pumpkin carving on Saturday 27th October, between 10am and 5pm on Sunday 28th October and from 8am to 5pm on Monday 30th October.  The plans can also be viewed at https://edenderryresidents.org/RDP/.  The Marquee will be at the entrance of the field at the end of Big Street, and we encourage all residents to come and see the designs and provide feedback on the forms which have been delivered to everyone in the village.


Members of the Edenderry Residents Association will be present at the marquee to discuss the plans from 3pm-5pm on Sunday 28th October.  Could you please provide any feedback forms by 5pm on Monday 29th October to any of the ERA Commitee members or post to their houses, as the council require us to provide any additional comments to them before the end of the week.

Belfast Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan guides investment in Belfast, setting out how the city should develop in the future.   The public consultation on the Belfast Local Development Plan 2035 draft Plan Strategy has commenced and the draft Plan Strategy and supporting documents are available at www.belfastcity.gov.uk/LDP.


The Plans are wide reaching and do not specify much on Edenderry Village.  The most important points are that future housing development shall be restricted to the side and front of Linen Mill (which are already within planning applications), and that no new housing zones are proposed within the current plans.
If you have any queries on the Local Development Plan, you can contact the Belfast Planning Service on 028 9050 0510 or email localdevelopmentplan@belfastcity.gov.uk


Future Contact from the Edenderry Residents Association (ERA)


Due to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we will be deleting all email addresses currently held by the ERA.  If you would like remain on the mailing list, or be added to it, please email us at edenderry.r.a@gmail.com. Or subscribe for updates on https://edenderryresidents.org.


We would also recommend signing up to nextdoor.co.uk and link to Ballynahatty area (there are then options you can click on to limit how many messages you receive from the site).   We will be posting important updates there, as well as on the webpage  https://edenderryresidents.org/