Design Consultation Update

Following the design consultation which took place on 28 Nov 18 I have enclosed a copy of the boards used in the presentation along with a feedback form.  The form can either be posted back to Clyde Shanks (address available on the images) or it can be emailed to

The consultation is reliant on capturing a wide range and number of views and for this reason the residents association will not be making a group representation but instead encourages everyone to have their say by completing and returning a feedback form.

After viewing the material if you have questions they can be mailed to the email address above.  If you do it would be helpful if you could include your question and answer in the comments below to help inform other residents.

I have detailed a few questions and answers below:

Q What would be the timescale for getting to the stage of a landscaped green?

A.  This is dependent on a number of factors but it is hoped planning approval can be obtained by Easter 19 and the project would be anticipated to have a 1 year build time (assuming the developer starts straight away)

Q Who will own this and be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the green area?

A  The answer to this was less clear but it will either be owned and maintained by a management company under the control of the 7 new properties or the whole of the Linen Mill development

Q Could consideration be given to the provision of a small community centre for village use?

A This would require planning which the developer will not be applying for however there is nothing to stop the residents association from applying for this however as it is unlikely the management company will want responsibility for this they will need to be willing to give the land to the residents association.

Q Is there sufficient capacity in the treatment works to deal with the new houses?

A No, a further small treatment plant will be installed as part of the development

Q What happens if the village do not feel will benefit the residents of Edenderry

A That will mean a challenge with the planners

Edenderry boards

Feedback Form


  1. Hi there

    I’m a bit out of the loop so apologies if this is a stupid question. This is the first time I’ve seen anything/ realised the development is going to be there.

    I thought it was going to be on the site of the old mill.. or is this in addition to the development on the site of the old mill, opposite ruby cottages and running further along opposite the first row of houses.

    Thanks so much for any clarification. Kerstie

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