FAQ response: Works to the Green

1. Why has the committee blocked the ability to respond to posts on both NextDoor and the ERA website in relation to the park “improvements”. Is freedom of speech now to be discouraged in this community?

The Committee recognises that the planned changes are an emotive issue. During previous discussions their were a number of comments made and questions raised. It proved very time consuming to address these in a prompt manner. In addition to this it was felt that the discussion became at times became quite heated and personal, this was not felt to be constructive or helpful. It is hoped by taking a FAQ approach this will avoid some of these issues while still allowing the opportunity for questions to be raised.

2. Why has development of the park now taken exclusive priority over all other residents’ suggestions, when it was not requested by anyone outside of the current committee and has received considerable opposition from residents? There were so many other suggestions which would have been less expensive to deliver and additionally been welcomed wholeheartedly by the community.

The consultation carried out at the end of October 2018 focused upon 3 areas, The Green, fencing for the field & signposting. As mentioned in the post this is what was submitted to tender. Unfortunately all bids came back over budget and there was a requirement to resubmit the tender. Due to the timescales available BCC advised that they had 24 hrs to submit the revised tender, therefore there was not sufficient time to consult with the committee or the wider village. In order to meet the budget BCC made the decision to remove the largest cost items (the railings) and to focus on the green to ensure full completion of one aspect rather than incomplete improvements on the green and signage within the village. At the point the committee became aware of these revisions the new tender had been returned and it was not possible to resubmit a different version, however they are exploring other funding avenues that could deliver the fencing and football posts at a later date.

3. Who will maintain the planting and hedging in the park when you have completed your construction work?

As the planting will be within the park BCC will have responsibility for maintenance of this.