Community Fibre Broadband

Following a number of complaints in relation to slow Broadband The Committee (Colin did all the hard work) registered every household in the village for the Community fibre with openreach on the 29th June.
Below is their response, this is currently being followed up and we will post further updates when we receive them.

“Thanks for providing the addresses in your community that are interested in being part of your scheme to get faster broadband. We’re now working on a ballpark cost so during this time your application is ‘locked’. You’ll hear from us soon with a figure that you can discuss with your community. Once you’ve done that, please let us know if you want to proceed and we’ll work up a full design, showing what speeds each premise would receive.


  1. Colin, I very much appreciate this and the effort to register us, as I have tried for years to no avail to get better speeds for the village.
    I am sure you are aware that Virgin media are very interested in connecting the village also and could be as soon as early spring 2020. Do you still have the data that you entered to BT as if you do could you do the same for Virgin at cable my street. If you don’t have time I am willing to input the data.


    • Hi Paul; apologies, only just seeing your message. unfortunately the BT openreach is a very unwieldy system where you have to manually input each address so unfortunately no handy way of sending you details. If you would like to go through the same process with Virgin that would be great.

  2. What information have you provided to openreach? Names, addresses, telephone numbers….?

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