re: Bat Walk

Hello everybody – the recent bat walk was a success, and thanks again to Dr Emma Boston for explaining so much about the local species.  It was so cool to hear their chattering sonar as they ate midges all around us.

So the next step is to put up some bat boxes for them to roost in.  We’re organising a collection among the village bat-fans.  Emma sent us the link below, which shows the boxes she recommends:

These are built to last and they would suit the pipistrelles, which we should encourage coz they eat the hated midges.  So the idea is, if we have a whip-round and buy some, Emma will come back and show us where to put them so they’ll be occupied.   Can i point out this not only helps the wildlife, it also protects the  site from the developer.  Five people donating a fiver each would pay for one, and there were at least thirty of us on the walk – its a small price to pay to make a big difference.

So if anybody would like to contribute please let me know – there will also be a donation box at the next fun day on the Village Green, saturday August 24th, 1pm – 4pm, so please have a chat with me there if you wish to be involved.

Please pass this email on to anybody you know who cares about wildlife, or who was at the bat-walk but isn’t a member of this email group.

Thank you



  1. Could some of the money generated by the Fun Day not pay for the bat boxes which would be a great addition to the village?? Just curious.

  2. Thanks Steve if it protects against developers let’s push this a lot. Have you posted in the neighbour app?

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