Do You Want Faster Broadband?

Openreach in conjunction with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport are due to roll out faster broadband to rural communities.

There is no payment required from the village nor do we have to commit to a particular broadband provider.

The village has already been pre-approved for funding in the form of government vouchers, however there is a catch.  In order to demonstrate sufficient demand and requirement everyone is required to log in and pledge their voucher.Each voucher is worth £1500 or £3500 for an SME, so if you run a business form home make sure you take advantage of the SME voucher.  To log in and pledge your voucher please click:

Please help ensure we reach a sufficient level by ensuring your neighbours and nearby friends are aware of this opportunity.

Further information is available on the flyer below and if you want more detail on the government scheme you can find it on the government website: www/


Final leaflet – Broadband-for-Rural-Communities_A5Flyer_Web vs 1.docxv2