AGM 2022 Report – New Committee Needed

The Edenderry Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 16th July 2022.

At the AGM, the Treasurer reported on the accounts, a copy of which is included at the bottom fo the page. The Treasurer also reported that £220 was raised at the recent village fete for the installation of a defibrilator near the play park.

At the end of the AGM, the outgoing committee formally stepped down.

Unfortunately, there was no new committee elected due to lack of interest. The outgoing committee agreed to close off outstanding actions in terms of accounts etc., but unfortunately there will be no further village events until such a time that a new committee is in place. This includes the previously planned summer quiz, which was contingent on a new committee taking over the organising of it.

The infrastructure for the Residents’ Association will remain in place (website, email, social media, bank accounts, etc.), but largely in a state of ‘suspended animation’ and will require a new committee to take over the running of them.

Should a group of Edenderry residents wish to organise themselves and form a new committee for the Residents’ Association, the outgoing committee members will facilitate the calling of an Extraordindary General Meeting to formally elect them, and provide the necessary handover. Please email if you would like to form a new committee.