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Association Funding

Currently, Edenderry Residents’ Association is funded though funds raised directly by the association, and donated by the residents.  We get help from Belfast City Council in the form of covering the costs of certain items for the summer fun day.  This needs to be re-applied for every year and it is subject to change beyond our control.

The funds we raise ourselves are needed to improve Edenderry Village above and beyond the Council’s support; things like other fun day costs, fireworks at Halloween etc.  Together with collecting at events and organising the village quiz night etc.

The Edenderry Residents’ Association is currently looking for new committee members.


  1. Just to clarify: The residents committee doesn’t fund any of the plants or hanging baskets in the village. The council has kindly donated most of our plants and supplies the hanging baskets on a yearly basis.Any contribution of funds come from the allotment community or individuals who donate plants/bulbs. The beds are also managed by individuals from the allotments. So, if you’d like to contribute or lend a hand, please drop me a line or alternatively buy an allotment calendar, on sale soon I hope!

    • Hi Laura,
      thanks for posting!
      We have a bit of tidyup to do on the website, and some of the info needs updating indeed…

      On the Allotment/calendar front, do you maybe want to send me a sample image or 2 and i can start a new post, letting people know about it and its availability?



      • Thanks Bruce, that would be really helpful.
        If anybody wants to send any images through which could potentially be included, that would also be appreciated. I’ll be in touch when they’re ready, hopefully in good time for Christmas.


          • Hi Brian,
            Thanks for posting. Indeed we need to update this information.
            We are just getting the cleanup after halloween finished this weekend, and get on the case of the website and what we want from it.

            I would need to clarify with others to be 100% sure where ALL the external funding comes from.

            Thanks for you patience,


  2. Hi
    My name is Brenda Gough and I’m a Location Manager for Film and TV in Northern Ireland. Could someone contact me on my email, please? Thank you so much for your help.

  3. A local artist has visited the village and dropped a piece of free art. The art was dropped off last friday as part of
    the world wide free art movement. The free art piece was dropped off in shelter from the elements… If anyone would like to resuce a little bit of Christmas art please find it in the phone box awaiting it’s new home.

    Artist twitter place
    Take a look at @PaperCloud1’s Tweet:

  4. FAO John Wilson – Belfast City Council is going to be installing better signage for the children’s play park in the next 10 days. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
    Cllr Paula Bradshaw

  5. FAO John Wilson – Transport NI visited the Village on 10th August, and has issued a notice to the residents living in the house with the overgrown hedges, to have them cut back, so that the Children’s Play Park sign is visible again. This has to be carried out within 21 days.
    Also, still awaiting a response from BCC re additional signage for the play park.
    Cllr Paula Bradshaw

  6. Free to a good home…

    Wooden frame double bed and memory foam mattress in the spare room hardly used! Looking to make more room. You can have it if you dismantle and take away!

    Number 48 red door

  7. Dear Committee
    I was wondering if you know of anyone interested in helping out with a bit of dog walking for 8 days from Saturday 20th June to Saturday 27th June 2015?

    It’s for Lola and Tilly the two border terriers from Flat 3, 64 Edenderry. They enjoy a walk morning or evening but due to other commitments I won’t be able to walk them myself and rather than put them into boarding kennels was wondering if anyone was interested in helping out ?

    I’d really appreciate any help [so would Lola and Tilly] thanks a lot [ or 07794 507 912]


    • Certainly, I’d be glad to help. Not for all walks I hasten to add, but if there were more people than me perhaps we could work out some sort of timetable / rota. Claire – 6, St Ellens.

      Sent from my iPad


  8. Dear committee

    I own 72 Edenderry village on big street, I bought it in 2002 and I am trying to sell the property. I lived there for 8 years and have rented it out for the 5years.
    The purchaser is looking for a resident who has lived in village for 20 years or more to confirm that a right of way is in operation a the rear of our houses.

    I strange request I know, I was wondering would anyone be willing to sign a statutory declaration.
    If anyone is willing could they please make contact

    Kind regards

  9. Hi we have a house in Edenderry which is available to rent from October. It is 34 Edenderry Cottages ( 4 bedrooms). We were wondering if this page would be a good place to look for new tenants? Is there an email circulation list? Many thanks Jayne

  10. Hi, Sorry for posting here as I am new to this site- just logged on. I will be moving into Edenderry in August, cant wait. I have been told mobile phone reception is bad ( I will be in Big Street). For Wifi/ internet can anyone recommend a good reliable supplier for Edenderry, and a best option for mobiles. Thanks very much for any help!!

    Also- any good plasterers / kitchen fitters. If you have time to answer 🙂



  11. Good evening.heard last night of plans to allocate allotments.can you please give some more info.wont be about on 11th, how can we pay?
    2 Ruby cottages

  12. Hi there,

    Just a query, I’m house hunting at present and am loving edenderry for its country feel. I’m am from the country in Banbridge though and know winter and snow fills us full of dread, just wondering what edenderry is like In the winter for travelling? I’m a nurse so early mornings and nights are the norm.. Just wondering are the roads as treacherous as home?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Rosie,
      I say that we are on the DOE salting route. It fair to say that in the past we have had problems with the conditions of the roads but the committee has worked hard to get the DOE to salt the road from Shaws Bridge to the village. So from last winter we have had the pleasure of spotting a gritter appearing in our sleepy little village.
      Happy house hunting and join us.

  13. Hi guys!

    I’m thinking about organizing a dog walking/ socializing Club for puppies, dogs and their humans in the field at the end of the big street. This would be for an hour on Saturdays and Sundays approx 11am.
    I would also like to get this news out to everyone who isn’t on the Edenderry Residence page via the Newsletter. When will the next Newsletter be out and how frequent is it as I haven’t seen one since last October?!
    Many thanks committee!!!!
    Hoping you are well!!

    Lisa C

  14. Hi there, apologies for posting this here but my wife lost her iphone in the field walking our dog yesterday (23rd July) and wanted to see if we could mail round the village to see if anyone had found it or that if anyone does find it to contact us at no 97? Or would it be ok to put a poster on the postbox in the hope that someone finds it? I don’t want to turn the postbox into a noticeboard though!

    Any help is really appreciated, she’s gong mad looking for it! It’s still ringing but we’ve blocked any outgoing calls. Not sure how much longer the battery will last at this stage. Anyway, Thanks for your time.


  15. Any chance of a collective approach to BT regarding a faster broadband connection into the village?

    • Brian – we just got switched over to BT infinity, and we’re getting about 13 Mbps, for an extra £4.73 a month I think. Worth the hour on the phone it took to get it. Sooperfast!



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