Edenderry Village

Edenderry Village is a small village – the 2001 Census records a population of 252. It is situated in the Lagan Valley approximately 4 miles from Belfast City centre on the County Down side of the river Lagan, and a short distance up-stream from Shaw’s Bridge.

The name Edenderry  means “hill-brow of the oak-grove”.  More information about the village can be found at The Edenderry Village Website

A video of the social and economic history of the village can be viewed here  ‘Edenderry Village – Past and Present’


  1. My mother and her siblings were born and grew up in Edenderry. When she was 75 we flew back to the village, from Hertfordshire, that was 4 years ago. I took many photos and sent them to California where her sister and family now live. My mothers family were called Waterworth they all worked in the mill. The family lived in the village and near by for at least 200 years. It is a beautiful village.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if theres a group home heating oil buying scheme in place? If not I’m more than willing to set one up if theres enough interest

  3. Hi,
    My husband and I have agreed sale on a house in Edenderry Cottages.
    We will be moving in in the next few months!
    I just wondered if the association is still running and are there current events?
    How is the community kept informed about events?

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