Useful Info

Edenderry Village is within the Belfast City Council administrative area : Belfast City Council Web site

Bins are collected on Wednesday around 10.30am – recycling bins and general waste+food waste bins are emptied on alternate weeks. Belfast Bin collection dates

Ulster Bus serves the Village, with 4 buses a day in total.

7:45am  Bus leaves Edenderry for Belfast, Glengall St bus depot

12.05pm  Bus leaves Edenderry for Belfast, Glengall St bus depot

3:45pm  Bus 22a leaves Belfast, Glengall St bus depot for Lisburn, dropping off at Minnowburn Bridge 1 mile from the Village.  You’ll need to walk the last mile.

6:00pm  Bus 22a leaves Belfast, Glengall St bus depot for Edenderry

6:23pm  Bus leaves Edenderry for Lisburn

See Ulster Bus for more details.


  1. I’m doing a wee bit of family research. It seems my grand dad, James Sinnott, was from Edenderry. I have vague memories of being told there was a farm called Heather Farm. He may have changed spelling from Synnott. They moved to Glasgow area in early 1900’s when he was 4. It seems his mum came back here from Glasgow to have all her children. Does anyone know of Synnotts or Sinnott’s in Edenderry area?

  2. Hello all
    I was wondering if there are any village fair type events coming up? I am hoping to spend a few weeks at my mum’s house in the village with my 5 year old boy around June/July and would love to make one of your events.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. A local artist has visited the village and dropped a piece of free art. The art was dropped off last friday as part of
    the world wide free art movement. The free art piece was dropped off in shelter from the elements… If anyone would like to resuce a little bit of Christmas art please find it in the phone box awaiting it’s new home.

    Artist twitter place
    Take a look at @PaperCloud1’s Tweet:

    I would love to take it
    But it’s only fair
    someone else enjoys it as I have a few peieces by this artist

  4. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend a mobile network that will pick up signal in the village? Currently on O2 and not getting anything. Can anyone give feedback on Vodafone, Orange, etc? Thanks

    • Hi Alan, just wondering if you got any reply to this question? Or if you can help me. I posted a similar question a while back but have heard nothing. Maybe I am using this page incorrectly?



    • Hi guys, I’m not totally sure about 02 however I know that if you use ee you can get a Gsm booster from them. They are usually free to get and will boost any bodies signal with ee who is either in or near your house.
      I’m sure the other providers must have something similar. It must be a gsm booster. It works off of your home broadband and boosts the signal this way. Hope it helps

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