Establishing an Edenderry community garden

We need enthusiastic volunteers to help establish an Edenderry Community Garden in what is now the grass areas around the roundabout and to get involved in future gardening projects around the village.

Grass area beside roundabout
Grass area beside roundabout

During a meeting last week with Mark Gregg from the Park Department, Lisburn City Council, he agreed for the three grass areas around the round about to be lifted and prepared for planting with perennials and annuals. In a first phase, the area on the left hand side of the round about will be de-weeded, top soil will be provided by the council as well as various plants, which must be planted by our community.

We have been given the opportunity to plan the design and composition of the flower beds  on the promise that we will promptly plant the young plants after delivery from the Council and care for the project in the future.

If you are willing to give a few hours to the project, get in touch with Gwenn at 3 Edenderry Cottages.


    • Thanks Elaine. I’ll be in touch a few days before the plants arrive. In the meantime, do you fancy a bit of weeding this week end? Gwenn

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