Mobile phone network survey – results

The survey has been open for two days and all responses so far  happened in the first 24 hours, so here is the current results –


Coverage_R2_01 Survey Results2

I’m no statistician but here are my thoughts:-
The vast majority of us only get patchy coverage and most people who resond to this blog live in the older houses. Nothing shattering there then….

Thanks for the responces.
If you need you mobile to work in your house then you should look at what Martina has done and get your Mobile to conduct phone calls through your WiFi signal. I know of others who have done this and it seems to work great.
Thanks to Heather for the question that gave me the idea of a survey.


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5 Responses to Mobile phone network survey – results

  1. Heather says:

    Fab 🙂 thanks.

  2. Clare says:

    Hi we have a vodafone booster signal box which you hook up to internet, it gives us perfect coverage in the whole house. You can pay a one off fee to get one or a bit extra each month. I think we paid a one off fee of about £50 and it has worked great for last few years. Before that reception was terrible (big street) O2 do a similar thing but only on business contracts, I have one of theirs for work phone but haven’t set it up yet so don’t know if it works as well as the vodafone one. Hope that helps!

  3. Carol Boyd says:

    Problems with O2 are easily solved by purchasing a booster box

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Josie Nugent says:


    We live in 19 Edenderry Cottages. Were connected to Orange and the reception is patchy and pretty much useless really. There is no mobile reception in most parts of the house. We are therefore planning to change server but it looks like the others are not much better!

    The only place I usually get a signal is at the beginning of the foot / cycle pathway (the first 10m stretch of this pathway).

    best regards,

    #19 Edenderry Cottages

  5. Claire Stephenson says:

    Apologies for the tardy St Ellen’s response! I’ve been away. Mark Rea (Big Street) hitched me up with an app connected with O2 and WiFi (Tu Go) the reception in the house is much better tho not perfect. Claire

    Sent from my iPad


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