Council visit village for discussion about Rural Development Partnership grant

A meeting was held with the Council in the village last week with regard to the RDP grant.

We worked through a long list of possible projects, whilst pointing out the various sites around the village. This was particularly useful for the Council’s Project Manager, as it was her first time in Edenderry Village.

There were no decisions reached regarding which items would be pursued, this was just an initial discussion.

They got a good idea of what we’d like to achieve, and appeared receptive to our suggestions.

The next step is for the Council’s Project Manager to prepare an overview which will be used to appoint a landscape architect and a consultant to prepare a business case.


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Edenderry Residents' Association
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One Response to Council visit village for discussion about Rural Development Partnership grant

  1. Amy McCausland says:

    Can I ask if your long list of possible projects actually included the proposition of a structure to use as a communal storage hall/shed/community centre? I was under the impression that with 100k we may be able to pursue some environmental improvements as well as get a shed/small centre.
    Many of the environmental improvements listed do sound like good ideas, although several are minor jobs that I would have thought collectively as a community we could gather a group to work on without much if any money required. I do take a bit of issue with the thought of repainting the exteriors of some properties of the big street; both unnecessary and again a waste of funds.
    Keen to hear other thoughts on this too.

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