Environmental Improvements: long list

High priority:

  1. Make a feature of the water pump in Front Row. Restore and improve surrounding area.
  2. Provide visual representation of the village’s history, whether through art or text. Use local knowledge to shape this, in the form of interview with local residents. Could perhaps be incorporated into the restoration of the water pump.
  3. New signage for the street in the village using old local names i.e. Bride’s Row, Front Row etc. This could also incorporate house numbers.
  4. Reinstatement of path down to river (phase 1) with gravel path and bank planted with flowers/shrubs. Provision of some picnic tables.
  5. Improvements to area of park used for football: permanent nets and improved drainage/surface.
  6. Basketball net for park.
  7. Extra picnic tables for park.
  8. Signage and/or sculpture on right hand side when entering village. Potential liaison with developer to help design boundary wall (potential artistic improvements) at bottom of hill.
  9. “Slow, children playing” signs, using artistic design.
  10. Painting facades of houses in big street (approx. 19 houses)
  11. Replacing border of Big Street and “The Field” with a new wooden fence and stile, and planting a native hedge (assistance likely from Woodland Trust with provision of plants)

Medium Priority

  1. Replace street lamps with the more traditional style already bordering the roundabout.
  2. A sheltered area with potentially some seating which could be used for by residents waiting for bus and/or residents using park. Could perhaps be sited amongst trees at roundabout end of park so that it does not impact on usable green space of park. In visible spot so it is not magnet for antisocial behaviour.
  3. Phase 2 of river path development: develop riverside space.
  4. Edging and mulch for flower beds.


Low Priority

  1. Restore and preserve whatever length is possible of the original fence bordering the new development and Front Row.
  2. Tree House for the park for kids to play in.


Additional suggestions (yet to be prioritised)

  1. Landscaping (hard surface) and design of area where additional picnic benches are to be sited in park.


  1. Thanks for your comments, we will pass them on to the landscape architect when appointed. We will also ensure that storage for the marquee is per manufacturer’s advice. There are a number of suggestions for this, from a bespoke storage space to our current approach, using the container lock up.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi, how are plans for the shed to store marquee, tables and chairs progressing?

    Could the notes from committee meetings be shared on website and community noticeboard as agreed at the meeting on the green.

  3. We have been delighted to follow you progress and wish you all the best with it. Please come back to us if you would like any profile on NVTV. Our best wishes.

  4. I would like some improvements to the park such as climbing frame/ slide for yoinger tots and some more things to play on. There is very little in our park for younger kids and there are so many toddlers about

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