COVID 19 – Supporting your village

The current Coronavirus outbreak has understandably created a level of concern which everyone is addressing in their own way.  No doubt you will have seen images of empty shelves, particularly pasta and toilet paper, as people stockpile goods in  preparation for a period of self isolation.

While this is going on it is easy to forget about other members of the community who maybe will not find it easy to get to the shops or who are in a high risk category such as elderly or immune compromised and should be avoiding crowded spaces.

Edenderry is fortunate to benefit from a strong sense of community and  we would ask that should you have a neighbor that may be unable to visit the shops due to the above reasons or even self isolation that you consider checking that they have what they need or pick up some essentials on their behalf while you complete your own shopping.

By pulling together and looking out for each other we can make this a less worrying experience and make it easier for everyone.