COVID 19 (CORONAVIRUS) ADVICE (20th March 2020)

To Everyone in Edenderry Village and its surrounding area;

The Edenderry Residents Association would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming together during the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) epidemic to both support our neighbours and assist in the ongoing efforts to contain the virus.  It also goes without saying that all planned events have now been cancelled until further notice.

So how do you know if you have the Virus?  Unfortunately you may have the virus and not even know it as for a number of people there will be no symptoms and you will recover before you are aware you have it, this does not mean you cannot infect other people and a such we would strongly advise that even if you feel fit and healthy you take heed of the Governments Social distancing advice.  Social distancing means trying to avoid contact with other people and means spending less time in public places, where a lot of people are around. In practical terms this means trying to be no closer than 2m from anyone and if you are closer than this (for example in a shop) to keep this time as short as possible.  

For those who do present with symptoms these may seem similar to a bad cold or flu, or be much worse.  To monitor the constantly changing circumstances and to keep up to date with guidance it is best to go to and Do not trust social media as there are a large number of false news stories doing the rounds, for this reason we ask that you check that information is from a reputable and verifiable source before you share it.

We are blessed in our location with easy access to the countryside and the walks around the Giants Ring and the Lagan Towpath.  Therefore, for those that feel fit and well the opportunities to go for walks, while still maintaining a safe 2m social distancing, are attainable.   

As per current government advice (20th March 2020) friends or family who fall into the higher risk bracket of being 70 or over, having a long-term health condition, are pregnant or have a weakened immune system should try to socially isolate and have no contact with other people.  We understand that this will cause hardship to a number of our residents and we would ask that neighbours assist with bringing groceries back for those that need it.  

Also for everyone’s mental health we would ask that you regularly communicate with your neighbours via phone, through peoples windows, or by maintaining a 2m social distance.  Though we are self-isolating and social distancing at this time it shouldn’t mean that that any of us needs to feel lonely. Together we can get through this difficult period and be back on the other side before we know it.  If anyone in the village and the immediate area needs assistance, please feel free to call on any of the residents listed below and we will be happy to help in whatever way we can:

Colin – 23 Edenderry Village 

Maurice – 5 Linen Mill 

Laura – 2 Edenderry Cottages

Rowan & Sarah – 84 Edenderry Village

Liam – 2 Linen Mill Close

Julie – 2 St. Ellens Terrace – 

Nick – 33 Edenderry Cottages

Sarah & Adam – 37 Edenderry Village

Hannah & Mathew – 76 Edenderry Village

Rosa – 15 Edenderry Cottages

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  1. Someone has put up a sign at the gate to the towpath saying that Edenderry is closed to visitors. I am very uncomfortable about the message that sends out. It is a public right of way and advice is to be respectful to others and social distance. I can understand how scared people are at this time, but it is at times like this that we have to show our humanity to others. No one has the authority or right to close Edenderry off! That is not to say that the situation may change going forward following public advice, but that should be addressed at that time not now.

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