FTTP Superfast Broadband Has Arrived

For those that have not already heard the good news, Openreach have now completed the work to introduce Full Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband meaning speeds of up to 900mbps (no that’s not a typo!) are now available.

Firstly the committee wish to extend their thanks to Paul Taylor who has worked tirelessly to drive the voucher scheme forward and ensure this project was delivered for the benefit of everyone in the village. Thanks also goes to Colin Dunlop who has done a considerable amount of unseen work to progress this.

Now on to the important stuff.

For those who participated in the voucher scheme you have 3 months form 8th of July to order a service using the new technology

If you wish to order with BT please call 0800 587 4787.  There are reports that for those tied to another provider BT have been covering the cancellation costs by way of a monthly discount so it may still be worth investigating.

Other providers using the Openreach network are listed in the link below:


Sky are currently trialing FTTP in the UK so it may be worth asking if they can offer the service

The latest news from EE is they expect to be able to offer the service but have not been given the details to process it.  It is a similar story with TalkTalk who also advised they are not offering it here at present but to keep calling as that could change. (please take account the date of this message posting as this information could change, it is always advisable to contact your preferred provider directly)

IF anybody is aware of other providers available or if the position of those above should change please feel free to add a comment with the details.

other helpful links:

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