Update on Halloween

Dear Edenderry Village Residents;

The Edenderry Residents Association have been holding off as long as possible to make plans for Halloween, but with increased restrictions in place it has become clear that it will not be possible to have our usual festivities; and unfortunately there will not be a pub quiz, parade, fireworks display, BBQ or bonfire this year.   It is also unlikely that we will be able to host any carols in the park this Christmas. 

At the minute there is no official trick or treating guidance but we expect that this will be issued in advance of Halloween.  We will post up the guidance once it is released.

One piece of good news is that we have secured funding from https://www.liveherelovehere.org/ to tidy up the area at the end of Big Street.  We will be creating and planting some new flower beds, erecting a new wooden self-closing gate and planting a native species hedge along the fence line.  We await payment of this grant. but hope to have it in place shortly and the works completed at the start of November.

The village’s public liability Insurance has just expired and we are currently seeking a new insurance quote to protect the assets owned collectively by the village (principally the shed and the marquee), to provide cover for events held in the village and to allow us to apply for grants from the council and other funding bodies going forward (most require proof of insurance).  We would expect this to be much less than last year’s due to not holding the fireworks display; however we will need to up the insurance cover again if we can do fireworks at Halloween next year (and we all hope that the situation will be better by then).

At present the Residents Association has £700.00 in the village bank account.  The only expense that we will have to cover from funds at the moment will be the public liability insurance. 

The village AGM was due to have taken place in August, but with all of the restrictions being in place the committee made a decision to delay the AGM until such times as a meeting was possible.  As it is hard to see how it will be feasible to manage an AGM safely in these times the committee propose delaying the AGM until next Summer.  If residents would prefer to have an online AGM next month please let us know by emailing us on edenderry.r.a@gmail.com.  If enough people express a desire for the AGM to occur this way we will duly organise. 

Finally we would like to thank the Edenderry Allotment committee for their work within and around the entrance to the allotments, it is a great asset to the village;  Laura and her helpers for keeping the beds at the roundabout looking beautiful; the book fairies who have created and maintained the phone box library and Paul for his diligent work with openreach and the broadband voucher scheme which has provided greatly improved broadband for the village.

The Edenderry Residents Association



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