Make a lantern, sing a song, light a candle

Make a lantern, sing a song, light a candle’.  Village resident Liz Cullinane has received heritage lottery funding for a free online lantern making workshop (Sunday 14th March 3-5pm) and a singing workshop (Saturday 13th March 7pm).  Then on Sunday 21st March @5pm there is an opportunity to bring your lanterns onto the doorstep and to be part of a community light show to celebrate our progress towards the end of COVID.  email liz at for links to the free workshops.
To make the lantern you will need; Plastic milk carton, tissue paper (or toilet roll, newspaper, kitchen roll or white paper), PVA glue (or mix flour and water in equal parts to make paste), cardboard (cereal box or shoe box); battery tea light (or fairy tree lights, Christmas tree lights or torch.  Tools needed, pen/marker, paintbrush, tablecloth, bowl/plastic tray.