A Greener Future

Edenderry Village renewable heat and energy feasibility study
Within the next ten years there will be a gradual shift away from traditional heat and
electricity producing technologies and towards renewables. A small number of
residents of Edenderry and some interested specialists have been investigating the
ways in which the village can adapt to this change and we have identified a number
of possible options for the future:
 Heat pumps which would draw heat from the Lagan and pump it around the
village to heat houses. Hot water is provided to your house in a pipe and
heats your taps and radiators. District heating is used a lot in Iceland, Norway,
Denmark and Germany, and schemes that take heat from rivers are used
in Glasgow, Oslo, Tyneside and elsewhere. A system like this in Edenderry
would be very affordable in the long term, as well as green as it uses a small
amount of electricity compared to the heat produced. It would future proof the
villages heating system as environmental policies indicate that oil and gas
heating will soon be phased out.
 Much of the village has south facing roofs and as such solar panels would be
 Hydropower from the lagan to provide electricity. This is a comparable
Scottish Project Welcome – Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Society
We are looking to pull together a team of volunteers to help produce a scope for a
feasibility study of all the potential renewable options (including local environmental
impact) and then assist in applying for grants to pay for this study. Anyone with a
background in renewable technology, finance, planning, environmental assessment,
communications and media or just enthusiasm is particularly welcome.
If any of the renewables are deemed feasible we would hope to form a community
energy co-op in the village to take the process to the next stage.
If you’re interested, or have any questions, please get in touch with us at:

A copy of the document with active links to the examples noted is available for download below

Please note that while ERA is supportive of a greener more sustainable future this is not an ERA scheme